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Love is Remembered

A picture book to help families facing memory loss.

When my mother moved in with us, I was desperate for a book that would help us explain to my three-year-old what was going on with Nana. When I came up empty, I knew that one day, I would have to write the book myself.
Nana Speaks Nanese is a warm, sweet look at a difficult subject. I incorporated all the strategies we used to explain the changes in behavior brought on by dementia. Illustrator Maurício Corteletti Água Viva brilliantly captured all of the feels, but especially the love.
I hope it helps your family.
Check out the art by 
Maurício Corteletti Água Viva.
Want to hear a recording of  Laura reading Nana Speaks Nanese? 
Nana Speaks Nanese Audio
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