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Nana Speaks Nanese

Written by Laura Brennan

Illustrated by Maurício Corteletti Água Viva

ISBN 978-1-7323846-0-6

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Libraries! You can order the paperback of Nana Speaks Nanese through Ingram Spark. 
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-7323846-0-6
Want a press release? Find it here:
Looking for an author bio for Laura? Here are your choices: 

Laura Brennan author photo.

Photo credit Maia Rosenfeld

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Here are some images from the book.
Please note: all images copyright 2019, 
Maurício Corteletti Água Viva.
Images are available for use with attribution
in any coverage or discussion of Nana Speaks Nanese

Maurício Corteletti Água Viva photo credit Johan Quesada

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